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Strength in Dollar Leads to Opportunity in Gold and Pound

This morning I discussed in our member area and on Twitter how the Dollar remained as my primary focus. We watch the markets that are moving with or against the Dollar and then evaluate which markets to trade based off of those reactions.

I Tweeted out and told our members that the Pound has now firmed up against the Dollar. Meaning that the Pound has stopped selling off on Dollar strength…the Pound was actually rallying with the Dollar this morning.

The Gold market did something similar yesterday when the Gold market failed to go lower with Dollar strength and then rallied with the Dollar.

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Don’t Stop Playing a Winning Horse

Preparation and Confirmation.  This morning in our preparation I discussed the British Pound and how it has had the hot hand in our strategy lately.  I believe it is important to recognize when a market is showing great responses to your strategy and to continue taking those trades until proven wrong.

The British Pound has been very responsive to our 60 minute levels and has been having good rotations on both sides of the market.  Therefore, telling us that if we see trade alerts from our strategy along with some short term confirmation from our Beacon Divergence indicators, we should jump on those trades regardless if they are longs or shorts.

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