Meet The Team


Beacon Trader was founded in 2006 by Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME Group™) member Anthony Crudele. As a firm, we focus exclusively on the commodity futures market’s including the eMini S&P 500/NASDAQ/Dow, Crude Oil, Gold, Euro Currency, and U.S. treasuries, etc.

Both private group members and auto-execution clients are an array of retail traders, prop traders, investors, and money managers. Our priority is to aim and achieve an above average return trading the futures markets.

Anthony Crudele

Founder and Head Trader

Anthony Crudele has 18+ years experience trading the worlds’ most competitive markets on the floors of the largest exchanges in the world. He’s been a featured expert on CNBC™ Fox Business™ Trader Magazine™ CME Group™ and more.

Anthony Crudele developed the Beacon strategy that has shaped his 18+ years as a professional trader.

Also, listen to the latest Futures Radio Show. This iTunes podcast is hosted by Anthony, and will keep you updated on the latest market trends and trading opportunities. Subscribe on iTunes today!

Christopher Smith is a former CME and CBOE member, and now oversees the Beacon strategy alongside Anthony. With a degree in finance from Augustana, he started his career at CME with Bear Stearns. Chris then spent over 12 years trading and managing his own accounts at the CBOE.

Today, he predominately focuses on the precious metals, and U.S treasury futures markets.

Christopher Smith

Partner and Head Trader