Confirming a Trade in S&P Using the MACD – Trade Setups Fri.4.29.16

Today we saw a textbook trade start to setup in @ES. The E-Mini S&P was making lower lows, but the MACD Indicator (that is a free tool anyone can download in their charts) was not making lower lows. As soon as the MACD became positive, it gave confirmation to our traders that it was a solid trade.

Sure enough the price reverted right back to the level where MACD spiked. This is just one way we can use MACD to confirm our trades.

Anthony just did a webinar on using the MACD, it was recorded: CLICK HERE TO WATCH FREE WEBINAR ON MACD

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Rotations in the Euro Based Off Volatility in the Dollar – Trade Setup Wed.4.20.16

Today we used the continued volatility in the dollar (@DX) to focus on the euro (@EC). We expected more rotations and stronger technical looks from these two markets.

We stayed on the sideline of S&P because it was floating in the key range of 2106 and 2087. Here’s a quick look into the live Euro trade.

Long Gold, Short S&P – Trade Setup Mon.4.18.16

Our main focus today was the action in Gold vs. the E-mini S&P.  One of the keys when we look at correlations is whether or not we get technical confirmations on one market, does the other market confirm?  Today was a great example of how both markets received technical confirmations, and strategy alerts from our Beacon Indicator at the same time.

Gold got a buy signal and ES got a short signal.  This set off a trigger for us to take both trades.  If one of the markets would have received a trade signal without the other market, then we would still trade that market. However, when the other market gets confirmation and signal alerts at the same time, that just sweetens the look and allows us to size up.

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The Masters and Trading History – Trade Setups Fri.4.8.16

Happy Friday Everyone

No Trade Setup post today, it’s all about the Masters and this weeks #FuturesRadio show.  If you haven’t listened to the latest #FuturesRadio Episode I’d highly suggest it.  I spoke with Sal Gilbertie who is currently the Founder and President of Teucrium.  His back story is incredible.

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I Love it When a Plan Comes Together – Trade Setups Wed.4.6.16

Today was the Fed Minutes, and on Fed days I typically keep up a chart of Bonds and Treasuries for a lead of direction in E-mini S&P (ES).  I keep a spread chart up of the 30 yr Bonds vs the 5 yr.  That is #1 in the picture above.  When the line chart is pointing down, it indicates that yields are flattening, and when pointing up it indicates that yields are steepening.

Immediately after the  minutes we saw curves flattening, and the E-mini S&P moved lower.  In chart #2 you will see that Gold initially moved higher on the minutes also giving a bearish look to ES.  I posted a tweet saying “#Gold pushing higher & Yield curves flattening = Bearish #ES_F”.  That was the initial reaction to the minutes and stayed that way for a little bit.  Then I posted this tweet “Starting to see curves stop flattening & #Gold turn back.  could be opportunity for bulls in #ES_F to turn back up”.

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Indices Working Together is a Beautiful Thing – Trade Setups Mon.4.4.16

Wait! Before you watch this video, don’t forget to sign up for the workshop that Anthony is hosting on April 16th. He will teach you how he uses a certain indicator to give him confirmation before he pulls the trigger on his trades. This is a traders workshop, and includes a Q/A session to ask him all of your questions about trading. Fast Forward to 2:00:00 CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE