Crude Oil & Nasdaq Long Setups Against The Trend 1.4.15

Great to be back at my screens!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday season.  Wild day to come back to after being off for a bit.  With today’s wild swings it could have easily been a day to get into a lot of trouble, but we were rewarded because we stayed focused and traded within our game plan.

The TradeSetups that had the most confirmation were in Crude Oil and the Nasdaq, so those were the TradeSetups I called out.  In today’s video I walk you through those TradeSetups and I discuss the importance of focusing on the mental side of trading for the new year.  Please watch the quick video below.

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ES Long Setup Exited Early 12.16.15

With today being the FOMC meeting I told our traders to be extra patient and wait for a multiple confirmation TradeSetup or else just stay on the sidelines.  Fortunately we asked for a multiple confirmation TradeSetup and we got one.

Even though we had solid confirmation on an E-mini S&P long TradeSetup we exited the trade early.  It was because we couldn’t hold above resistance on the one minute charts.  The trend was down for the morning and the market could not hold above one of our short term levels, so I informed our members to protect their long positions and trail their stops to make sure they locked in profits.

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Adjusting Stops When Close to Targets 12.15.15

With today being a two day FOMC meeting I was very picky about what I was going to call out today in our member area.  After yesterday’s wild action I felt it was very important to stay patient and wait for an area with strong confirmation.

Fortunately we got a TradeSetup in the E-mini S&P that was pretty much textbook.  With that being said, I don’t want to talk about the entry as much as I want to talk about the exit.  I am a big believer in multiple targets.

Target 1 is for risk off and to bank most of your money.  Target 2 is the gravy money.

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Scalping & Massaging Trades in E-mini S&P 12.11.15

In today’s video I talked about our one TradeSetup in the E-mini S&P that we actually got in and out of a portion of the position a few times.  I explained why we had to massage the position and do some scalping around a core position.  Important to identify markets that call for scalping and not to make a habit of it.  Today it worked out really well as we were banking some profits and trailing the position for a bigger profit potential.  All in all it was a great day and week for us in the member area.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone and before you sip on a cocktail (or even while you’re having one) watch this quick video below to see how and why traded the way we did today.

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Euro & ES Juicy TradeSetups 12.10.15

Coming into today I really thought that I would be sitting on my hands for most of the day as it was switch day for the E-mini S&P.  That just means we moved from the December Contract to the March Contract.  Typically this is a very choppy day for us day traders because the volume is split between contracts and there is usually a lot of slippage with the shorter term technicals.

To our delight we had two really juicy TradeSetups fall right into our lap.  I always say “patience pays” and today was another reminder not to go off the reservation and look for trades just because it was volatile.  I reminded our traders just to wait for the TradeSetups I talked about in our Morning Brief video and in the member room…Don’t force anything!  If you were patient and waited for those TradeSetups you nailed it in the Euro and E-mini S&P. Preparation, Anticipation, Execution.  Watch this quick video below to see how these trades setup.

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ES Short TradeSetup “Patience Pays” 12.8.15

Today in our member area and on Twitter I talked about the US stock market being pushed around by the lower prices in Crude Oil and the effects coming from Rollover.  Typically during Rollover (Rollover is the changing of front months in the Futures markets) I like to be extra patient with my TradeSetups, but with the extra volatility in several sectors of the S&P 500 coming from this breakout in Crude Oil, I have become even more patient and picky about what TradeSetups I look at in the E-mini S&P.

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ES Short Setup Using Trailing Stops 12.2.15

In today’s video I talk about the importance of executing in zones, using stop losses and trailing stops to protect profits.  Today we had a few TradeSetups in the member area, but the one I most wanted to talk about was this mornings short TradeSetup in the E-mini S&P.  Please watch the quick video below on today’s short setup in the E-mini S&P.  Have a great night!

Anthony Crudele

Accepting Losing Trades in Order to Take Winning Trades 12.1.15

We got off to a rocky start today with the market blowing through our first stop in the E-mini S&P, but because we managed our risk we ended up getting an even bigger winner right after that first loss.

Risk is and always will be the most important aspect in trading.  I say this everyday in our member area.  After blowing out a few accounts I finally learned the valuable lesson to manage my risk per trade, per day, per week, and per month.  Without risk management it doesn’t matter what technical or fundamental strategy you are using because you will end up blowing out that account.

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ES Long Setup & Talking About Trading After Time Off 11.30.15

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  I definitely did and I also enjoyed the time off.  The Bears win over the Packers set a nice tone for the weekend :).

I want to talk a little bit about coming back to trading after a long weekend.  For several years at the beginning of my career I would typically jump right back into trading after time off and really not spend that much time preparing.  That was all due to my lack of preparation on a daily basis.  I was always anxious to put trades on.  I used to prepare by putting small trades on right when I sat down at my desk; thinking that I could trade my way into a groove.

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